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Louis Sergeant Sweet Couture

I was recently perusing Facebook and came across a picture from an old classmate. What grabbed my attention was the beautiful pastries she had on her plate. Holy Mother of Pastry they looked delectable! So of course I did the only obvious thing. I channeled my inner Nancy Drew (she’s still cool right?) and hunted (Facebook stalked) down the source of these delicious looking treats. Fortunately the name of the restaurant was tagged in the photo and the secret was unveiled. ‘Louis Sergeant Sweet Couture.’ Oh my!



My mouth watered as I gazed upon picture after picture of heavenly, sweet patisserie, goodness. I couldn’t wait to go there and taste the gloriousness for myself. As it happened, I was meeting up with a couple of friends from my course and they agreed/were forced to go. Let me tell you, we were not disappointed! I ordered the mango tea which not only tasted amazing, but came in the most beautiful tea set:


For lunch I had the Tomato Tarte Tatin which came with a balsamic green salad.


It was a beautifully balanced, light and tasty meal which left just enough room for a delicious sweet treat.


I chose the Glamour which was an almond sponge with a white chocolate mousse and a blackcurrant-violet cremeux. Sound delicious? It freakn’ was!!!!!

My friends and I had such an amazing experience at Louis Sergeant Sweet Couture and I would highly recommend to anyone who resides in or finds themselves in Wellington to check it out. Like right now!!!!

Catch ya later,

Rebekah =)


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