About Me

Why, Hello There!

HI, hows it going? I’m Rebekah, a 20 something year old from Wellington, New Zealand with a bit of a sweet tooth (OK ,OK I admit it, a huge sweet tooth).

Growing up I loved going out for what my Granny would call a ‘mystery tour.’ Like the name would suggest, I would have no idea what we would do that day. However, I could always be certain that somewhere in the plan there would be at least one stop for some delicious food. I have so many memories of scrumptious meals at quirky places. On these occasions my Granny would always insist that I have whatever dessert at the end as it was a special treat. I still have that philosophy today. I totally believe in living a healthy, balanced lifestyle, but there’s something about how a special treat can brighten a day. Whether it’s a treat for myself or someone else I love any excuse to create or try something sweet.

I’m currently studying patisserie and with every new skill I learn, my passion grows. I love using the new recipes and techniques I’m learning to create treats for my friends and family.

Look forward to sharing my passion for all things sweet with you.

Catch ya later,



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