Malteaser Cupcakes

Hello all, One of my favourite things in the whole world are Malteasers. So when I realised that I could make Malteaser cupcakes - I was super excited! These cupcakes are sweet and chocolaty and full of Malteasers!!!! Yum! So if you love Maltesasers then you HAVE to try these cupcakes! Ingredients: 50g Milo (or… Continue reading Malteaser Cupcakes


Hot Cross Bun Cupcakes

Easter, like Christmas, seems to be sneaking into our stores earlier and earlier. But I don't really mind because with Easter comes Hot Cross Buns!!! I love heating them up in the morning with a little bit of butter for breakfast or in the afternoon for a wee pick me up. I haven't tried making… Continue reading Hot Cross Bun Cupcakes