Lemon and Rose Madeline

Hoorah! Spring is finally here!!!! I, for one, can't help feeling bright and chipper with longer days, fresh flowers sprouting up and of course all the cute baby animals ❤ To celebrate all things bright and pretty, here are some lemon and rose madeline. Madeline can be a bit hit and miss as they are… Continue reading Lemon and Rose Madeline

Everyday Goodies

Onion Jam

So, it can be hard cooking for one. I HAAATE wastage! But there's only so many containers and freezer space that a girl can use before enough is enough! So, one day I find myself looking through some of the left over bits and bobs of fruit and veg I had in the fridge. Desperately… Continue reading Onion Jam

Sweet Things

Double Caramel and Pear Tart

Ever since I heard of it's existence, I have been dying to make a patisserie cream out of the new Lewis Road Creamery Double Caramel Milk! The way I see it is: Patisserie Cream=Deliciousness so adding caramel....deliciousness times infinity!!!!! So when it finally hit the shelves I dragged my flat mate to the supermarket with… Continue reading Double Caramel and Pear Tart